Following the success of the first Lessons in Leadership event, the organizers have decided to begin working on a second event later in 2008. See the UPDATE link on the left for details.

Welcome to Lessons in Leadership

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation,  for your character is who you ARE, your reputation only what others think you are." - Legendary Coach John Wooden

Throughout history, communication skills and leadership abilities have been closely tied. Good communicators are not always strong leaders, but great leaders are almost always good communicators and this is not only some poem writing https://essaysleader.com/poem-writing-service/ but pure truth.

Lessons in Leadership is an event that took place on the evening of January 23, 2008 at the historic Grove Park Inn & Resort in Asheville, NC. It was hosted by a small group of local businesses, including HomeTrust Bank, Dixon-Hughes PLLC, The Grove Park Inn, Resort & Spa, and Crescent PPO. The event featured two first-rate speakers who demonstrated the power of communication as they related inspirational stories of their own personal and professional success.

One of the unique features of Lessons in Leadership was that the organizers and participants freely donated their time and financial or other resources, simply because they were motivated to give back to the business community in Western North Carolina. As a result of their generosity and commitment, the cost to attend this amazing event was just $20 per person

Although many large organizations host events such as Lessons in Leadership for their own employees, the small businesses owners and leaders who represent the engine that drives economic development in our region often do not have easy access to this kind of leadership training. For these business people, as well as community and other leaders (or those who aspire to leadership positions), this event may represent the single most powerful opportunity to hear how communication skills can be the key to personal and professional success, and at the same time, learn about some of the cost-effective skills-development programs available in our own community.

Members of local Toastmasters clubs were in attendance to help interested attendees to develop strategies for improving their own communication and leadership skills.

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